Earn a Secured Income Stream with Owner Financing

Our team of property managers, skilled tradespeople, and experienced attorneys helps sellers convert their real estate into a reliable monthly income stream through seller financing.

Our Business

Manage Street is a licensed real estate brokerage specializing in transforming various types of real estate into a secure, passive income stream, offering sellers the advantage of stable income compared to investing in the stock markets. With us, sellers can enjoy the benefits of passive income without the burdens of ownership or maintenance.

Our track record in Brevard County includes numerous satisfied sellers who have successfully turned their properties into reliable income streams through owner financing. After closing, our professional property management team manages all maintenance and property upgrades.

When partnering with Manage Street, sellers benefit from our unique model, where properties are managed by Manage Street and owned by related parties, eliminating the hassles of dealing with unknown buyers. Our approach allows sellers to leverage our market expertise and professional management services, ensuring optimal property performance and financial stability.

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Several Benefits, Without Direct Ownership

Tax Advantages

Selling with owner financing can offer tax advantages for sellers. Instead of receiving a lump sum of money upfront, sellers may spread out their capital gains over time, potentially reducing their taxable income for each installment payment year.

Secured Monthly Income Stream

Sellers can earn a steady income stream from both principal and interest payments, significantly increasing their total earnings from the property sale over time. By holding a secured interest in the property, sellers effectively act as the lender, giving them the right to reclaim the property if the buyer defaults on payments.

Diversify Investment Portfolios

Owner financing can diversify investment portfolios by adding real estate notes instead of relying solely on traditional investment vehicles like stocks or bonds. This diversification can help spread risk and potentially provide higher returns, offering sellers another avenue for wealth accumulation and financial security.

Professional Management

Professional management actively safeguards real estate assets from potential risks and works to maintain or even increase their value over time. Professional management also ensures that the security interest of noteholders remains well-preserved, giving sellers peace of mind that their investments are appropriately managed and in capable hands.

Example Terms & Insights

Average Down Payment
Balloon Term
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Payment Performance

The data provided is for illustrative purposes only. Manage Street LLC serves as a broker/manager, and all real estate is owned by related third parties.

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Owner financing to our family is an excellent option if you want a steady and secured income stream or if you own unwanted property and want to sell the property quickly for a higher price.

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