What Fees Are Involed with Property Management?

At Manage Street, we strive for transparency in our property management services, ensuring our clients understand the fees and costs. Below is a breakdown of the fees associated with our property management services:

Fee Type



Monthly Management Fee

Our standard fee for ongoing management services.

10% of gross rent.

Leasing Fee

Charged when a new tenant is secured.

50% of the first month's rent.

Maintenance Fee

Covers routine maintenance and repairs.

Third-party costs and expenses, plus 10%. In-house maintenance changed to the owner at $110 / per hour.

Vacancy Fee

Applicable during periods of vacancy.

5% of the advertised lease rate or a minimum of $250 monthly, whichever is more.

Advertising Fee

It covers the cost of advertising vacant properties.

Included in the cost of services.

Inspection Fee

Charged for property inspections.

Third-party costs and expenses, plus 10%.

Late Payment Fee

Applicable for late rent payments.

No additional fees to the owner. All late fees paid by tenants are paid directly to owners.

Lease Renewal Fee

Charged when renewing a lease agreement.

50% of the first month's rent.

Eviction Fee

If eviction proceedings are necessary.

Third-party costs, no additional fees.

Property Setup Fee

One-time fee for onboarding new properties.

$550. The owner may incur additional costs and expenses for property repair and improvements before tenant occupancy.

Additional Service Fees

Additional services requested by the client.

Variable, plus 10% of any fees, costs, or expenses not listed in the cost and fee schedule.

Please note that the amounts provided are indicative and may vary based on the specific property and service requirements. Our team is dedicated to delivering quality service and ensuring your investment yields optimal returns. If you have any further questions regarding our fees or services, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-321-926-4105.

Published: Mar 4, 2024

Updated: Mar 4, 2024

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